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Original, 1st and 2nd extensions_edited.jpg

CONSTRUCTION to 30/04/2024

Great progress! There were unexpected issues with drainage so new pipes and soakaway were needed.  Foundations in and brickwork going up.

20240425_Day 2.jpg
20240426_Day 3.jpg
20240425_Stag Concrete pouring.jpg
20240424_Stag machines.jpg
20240424_Stag fencing.jpg

CONSTRUCTION DAY 1 (24 April 2024)

Day 1 - STAG CONSTRUCTION is on site to start the build! So exciting. 

20240424_Day 1.jpg
20240422_Josh tree surgeon.jpg
20240422_Josh Higgins.jpg

TREE SURGERY (22 April 2024) 

We're so lucky to have such talented people in our community - today local tree expert Josh Higgins (Countryside Services) and his team came to Edstaston Village Hall to tidy up and reduce the height of the trees on the boundary. What a fabulous tidy job.

Thanks to our neighbours Doug and Sheila for their understanding and co-operation.

20240422_Josh Higgins finished.jpg
20240420_Shed and bricks.jpg
20240420_Neat piles.jpg
20240420_Moving bricks.jpg
2024-04-22 _before Josh Higgins.jpg

PREPARATION (19-22 April 2024)

We've been working incredibly hard to clear space and empty/remove the shed ready for the footings to be dug. Many thanks to the fantastic team - Sandra, Trev, Anna, Liz, Mike, Neale, Corrine and Bev for (wo)manhandling all the building materials, bricks, slabs, clearing cupboards, providing the most delicious flapjacks etc. So incredibly proud of how our community responds so to a challenge

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