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In 2017 the Edstaston Village Hall committee approached the Price family who generously agreed to donate an area of land adjacent to the hall. After considerable consultation plans were approved to extend and renovate the hall to make it a modern, functional and accessible venue for the whole community.

PHASE 1 - a new lobby with good disabled/pushchair access leading to an extension to the main hall with bifold doors leading out to a patio and grassed amenity area.

Relocating the bar to the current kitchen would give space for a new disabled toilet and baby-changing facilities plus additional storage.


There would be a new enclosed kitchen with modern facilities suitable for catering use.

PHASE 2 - A second extension would create a new stage plus a dressing area on either side which will double up as chair/table storage.

The remaining donated land would become a multi-functional amenity space for outdoor events and over-spill parking.

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