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If you are able to offer a gift of money, time, expertise or any other practical help e.g. building/electrical/plumbing services or goods, machinery for groundworks, time! etc. we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please fill in and email the pledge form in the drop-down menu to Bev Horsley (Chair of Edstaston Village Hall Committee) at bev@ryebank.co.uk


Current Covid-19 distancing rules mean that only 20 people are allowed in the hall when we reopen. 


In the meantime the committee has consulted with users of the hall and are pleased to say that we will be accelerating the project by starting on the larger extension which will have a new disabled/pushchair-friendly entrance lobby through to a multi-purpose room which opens onto the main hall on one side and onto the outside via large doors on the other. It also has a new kitchen that will allow us to move the bar to the existing kitchen and a new disabled toilet will be built in the old bar area, with additional built in storage.

Building this extension first will have many benefits:

  • It will eliminate the pinch point of the current entrance hall sharing space with the passage to the toilets. 

  • Creation of a disabled toilet

  • More space into the overflow new room from the main hall

  • The doors opening to the newly donated land will both increase ventilation and give us the opportunity to use the land for outdoor activities - during Covid-19 restrictions will be an ideal time to do the messy disruptive building work so we can get on with landscaping the multi-amenity space ready for outdoor events next year. 

We have already received grants from Wem Rural Parish Council, the Bernard Sunley Foundation, the Garfield Weston Foundation and ACRE/Defra's  Village Halls Improvement Grant. Together with saved funds and donations/pledged goods and services we have managed to accumulate enough funds to complete Extension 1. This figure includes around £10,000 worth of machinery, labour and time pledged by the community to enable us to start the project).