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If you are able to offer a gift of money, time, expertise or any other practical help e.g. building/electrical/plumbing services or goods, machinery for groundworks, time! etc. we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please fill in and email the pledge form in the drop-down menu to Bev Horsley (Chair of Edstaston Village Hall Committee) at

With PHASE 1 of the extension complete and in use (apart from work needed on the car park), PHASE 2 is now under consideration.

We are currently in the process of getting building estimates for the work needed to create a second extension which will form a stage with dressing rooms/storage on either side.  This will be a far less complicated project than the first extension and we already have the bricks to match. 

Wem Rural Parish Council continues to support Edstaston Village Hall but we will need to start applying for grants as soon as we have the necessary building quotes.

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